Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jumping Right Back Into School: Learning Medications (for students)

We've seen dozens of talented students pass through nursing school, medical terminology classes and CNA programs in our day. But no matter how gifted/intelligent/kind a person is, learning medications and terminology usually comes down to rote memorization - something we're not all great at.

So for those students who are coming back from winter break and jumping right back into the thick of things, here are some resources to help turn memorization into a slightly more entertaining process. 

Flash and Match Game for Pharmacology Abbreviations: This flash and match game has flash cards for common pharmacology abbreviations. Do you already know the abbreviation for PRN? If your answer wasn't "as needed (pro re nata)", this game is for you!

BlankIt for Drugs that effect bleeding: Learning which medications might effect bleeding in a patient? Do you know the difference between Warfarin and Coumadin? Hint: they're the same thing. This fill-in-the-blank activity helps you study the differences without simply clicking through flashcards. 

Videos for Medications and IVs: Need a refresher from last semester on how to properly insert an IV (and tired of practicing on oranges)? Or need help with general injections and administering meds? These videos will help you review what you may have missed in class or need extra help with. 

Hopefully these links help. If anyone knows other great study resources, please share in the comments! We're always looking for great resources to add to and/or add to our EHR Tutor resource library.