Friday, February 28, 2014

Teaching Idea: Prioritizing Patients

Incorporating Electronic Health Records into the Nursing or CNA classroom isn't just about learning how to chart. It's about teaching students how to think... critically.

For example, what is one of the biggest critical thinking pieces that instructors try to get across in the classroom? Prioritization, AKA triage. In short, which patient comes first?

Here's an idea for how to teach that in the classroom using an Academic EHR like EHR Tutor:
  • Create an activity that allows students to view three patient charts. 
  • Make sure each chart is a different priority level (a patient that requires immediate attention, a patient that needs assistance but does not have an emergency situation and a patient that has no immediate needs but requires routine care). 
  • Have the students review the charts and decide which patient they should care for first. 
While they may not see the physical patient in front of them, the students should be able to evaluate a chart and paint a picture of that patient scenario. What constitutes an emergency? What does not? 

Practicing this skill in the classroom will help students transition to the real world when prioritization is key.