Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Funnies

Let's all take a break from being serious for a just a few minutes and have a laugh. Here are some funny sites and jokes you might all appreciate as a break from the regular education and EHR-related posts we typically have on this blog.

NursingNursing Humor Pinterest - All my favorite funny pictures in one place!

Chart Farts - Hilarious charting errors. Like the man who had a kiwi on his chest (the doctor meant "keloid"). Just to sneak a little educator-resourcefulness into this post - you could share this site with nursing students when they all start rolling their eyes after you emphasize for the millionth time that they have to proofread their charting before hitting save. After all, they don't want to accidentally admit a "981 year old woman" to the hospital for "fireballs in her uterus".