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Academic EHRs vs. Regular EHRs: Part Three

Sep 4, 2013 8:19:00 PM / by user

For our third installment of Academic EHRs vs. Regular EHRs, I'd like to talk about one of the biggest differences for us at EHR Tutor between our academic EHR vs. a typical EHR designed for hospitals: ease of use. We designed our entire system as an Academic EHR specifically which meant we had instructors in mind during the entire process. During every step of the coding and design process, we were constantly asking ourselves "What would an instructor need?", "What would help nursing students". We didn't consider just hospitals, we considered classrooms first.

Just for a few examples of how that translates to ease of use, we're including some points below:

Preloaded patients. We've preloaded two types of patients - those with charting done and those without. That way, instructors can pick and choose from a virtual hospital when using EHR Tutor in the classroom. Based on the level of the class, instructors can also have students do the charting for patients, or view patients with charting already completed. No data entry necessary!

Teaching resources. We're just putting the finishing touches on our resources library, which is the part we've been most excited for since the creation of EHR  Tutor... and it's also the most fun for us. We've created a library of critical thinking questions and resources for instructors so incorporating EHR Tutor into daily lessons won't be a time consuming task. Plus, we're putting together our combined knowledge of outside resources for how to bring less computer savvy students up to speed. Basically, we've given you the resources, so you don't need to find them.

Which are just two more ways Academic EHRs can benefit your classroom when compared to using a regular EHR meant for medical office use.

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