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Real Time EHR Survey Results - love these graphs!

Oct 10, 2013 2:59:00 PM / by user

I came across this amazing website that was posted on Twitter. It's a real time EHR user survey with graphs of the results which are constantly updating. Last I checked, 37 people had completed the survey but anyone working at a medical practice that uses an EHR can participate by filling out the questions here -

Even if you're not an EHR user yourself, you can view the answers by clicking the "Results" tab at the top of the survey (see below).

One statistic I found fascinating was that 21.6% of participants answering the survey use a free EHR: Practice Fusion.

That being said, the highest satisfaction levels came from paid-for programs including Epic and Amazing Charts:

Also, despite all the hype about tablets and smartphones, this small sample group remains largely tied to a desktop. Which is something I can understand - typing on a tablet just isn't the same (or at least not in my opinion!).

I'm interested to see how these stats will change as more people answer, so if you are working for an office using an EHR - go answer the survey! That way we can keep an eye on the results and see how things progress.

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