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Google Calendar: Another way to use Google Apps in the classroom

Oct 31, 2013 12:08:00 PM / by user

A while back we did a post on using google apps in the classroom to share assignments and/or the class syllabus using Google Drive and how to have study sessions or office hours using Google Hangouts.

But here's something else you can do if you already have all of your students' gmail addresses - make sure they never forget an assignment, clinical day or test. Because all instructors know that no matter how many paper reminders you give out or how many verbal warnings, you'll always have a student who simply "forgot".

Here's how to prevent it - put your syllabus and class schedule in calendar format using Google Calendar. For every quiz, create an event and invite your students. For every day of clinicals, create an event and invite the students doing rotations that day.

Or, instead of inviting students for each event, simply create a separate calender for class events (log into your Google Calendar and you'll see "calendars" on the left-hand navigation bar). For that specific calendar you can decide that any events posted will be visible to all students. That way, you never have to add students' emails when creating individual events, you just have to remember to nest those events under the appropriate "calendar". You can have an unlimited amount of calendar so while you may share the Class Calendar, you wouldn't want to share your personal one.

The great thing about using Google Calendar is that you'll be reminded via email and your students will also see a reminder pop up on their computer or smart phone. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

To learn more about how to use Google Calendar, visit the help page on Google:

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