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Jumping Right Back Into School: Concept Maps (for educators)

Jan 21, 2014 2:01:00 PM / by user

We noticed a huge amount of traffic from students who viewed our post on learning medications. So we figured it's time to give a back-to-school shout out to instructors who are starting up the lessons again after a wintry holiday season. 

One of our EHR Tutor users recently mentioned concept maps and how she was working on a set for her classroom for the upcoming semester. Little did she know, we have a blank concept map template and ideas for how to use it on

For those of you who are new to the concept maps concept, here's a quick description from our website: 
"Concept Maps are a way of organizing and displaying information that emphasizes the connections between various categories of information. With Concept Maps, students literally see how the patient care that they are giving is very much connected to the client's problems. For the instructor, concept maps provide a quick way to evaluate the student's understanding of the client's assessment, problems and interventions."

For example, if you have a student fill out a concept map on their own and one section clearly doesn't match another, you know exactly where that students' working knowledge of the nursing process is breaking down. You don't need to guess what they're hung up on - you can see exactly where in the process that's happening. 

You can also have students create and save concept maps (or save concept maps that you've created) as a way to study once NCLEX season comes around. 

If anyone is using concept maps in their classroom, we'd love to feature an example of how you've used them. Feel free to email us your ideas at

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