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Free Patient Scenarios for Instructors

Mar 26, 2014 10:30:00 AM / by user

We love all things free (as you should know if you read our blog). One thing we've been searching for is a website with example Physician's Notes. Granted, all of our template patients in EHR Tutor have Physician's Notes already created for them, but we realize that instructors may want more charting to use in patient scenarios than any one system can provide.

Unfortunately we haven't found any website with an abundance of Physician's Notes only... but we did find a website with four amazing patient scenarios!

According to the website, the scenarios were created with the following in mind:

Attached are four patient scenario models that evolved from a SIG‐Nursing Issues workshop at the CPS 2009 meeting, with further validation from the SIG‐Education Committee members and external pain experts. A CPS survey indicated members wanted help with patient cases/scenarios for teaching. This is a beginning and the attached preliminary versions relate to patients with diabetic neuropathy,  post‐trauma pain, sickle cell disease and neonatal pain. The purpose is not to develop a definitive plan but to include key assessment and management considerations with some related questions to guide the educator. The level of complexity will vary according to the student's level/need. An interprofessional lens is important and has been part of the development of these scenarios.  

Here's the link:
And if that's not enough for you, check out the previous post we did linking to a library of patient scenarios posted by the University of Virginia Medical School -

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