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Teaching Idea: Shared charting scenario

Apr 2, 2014 12:27:00 PM / by user

We recently did a webinar on Shared Charting (a feature we recently released on EHR Tutor) and we thought that even the instructors who could not attend might appreciate one of the scenarios we covered.

If your school has a Simulation Lab, a shared chart can be used to transfer a patient from floor to floor. For example, if you have a Medical Assistant program where you cover admissions charting, you could have your Medical Assistant students go to the Simulation Lab and chart on the Admissions chart for your Simulation Man.

Then, once Sim Man has been "admitted", have your nurses come in to complete next steps. Are there any orders on file for Sim Man or medications that need to be passed (orders and medications can always be updated by the instructor who acts as Physician in this scenario)? After reviewing the patient's information, have students fill out a head to toe assessment, complete vital signs and/or create a care plan for the patient.

Then, have the patient transferred to another floor (another group of students), where he'll need ongoing care. Have the next group of students go in and review the previous charting done. Are there any warning signs on the patient's chart? What steps need to be taken next? Before the patient is released from the medical facility or hospital, he will need to be educated on his medications or other care. Make sure Nursing students complete the Patient Education chart for Sim Man.

Using a scenario like the one listed above allows students to see the flow of an actual medical office or hospital. It also allows you to involve multiple groups of students while using one patient scenario.

If you've used shared charting in your simulation lab, we're always looking for more ideas. Feel free to post yours int he comments section!

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