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New Feature Launch: Polling and EMT/EMS Module

May 21, 2014 1:01:00 PM / by user

Because we're still a smaller company, we always try to incorporate the needs and ideas of our clients when improving/expanding our feature set. 

Which is why we've created two much-needed features!
1. EMT/EMS/Paramedic Modules: In the next month we'll be officially releasing our EMT module. That means students in EMT/EMS classes can practice recording information on run-sheets and reviewing information they would typically see when transferring a patient or picking a patient up from a facility. Many of our schools with LPN or CNA programs also have an EMT class, so now those instructors will be able to use our site as well. 
2. Polling: We've always loved the idea and use of polling features, which is why we've decided to create our own. As you all know, we're very big on critical thinking and love discussing how an Academic EHR can be used to encourage it. That being said, we've incorporated polling so if an instructor pulls up a patient scenario in class, he or she can ask a question about the scenario ("Looking at the current vital signs and diagnosis, after giving the patient __ medication would the patient's blood pressure go up or down?") and have students answer the question on their computers, phones or tablets while using EHR Tutor. That way students can participate in the scenario without needing to purchase an expensive clicker system. 
So for anyone out there who has been considering EHR Tutor for next year, now is the time to make the leap! We have a ton of exciting things being launched and we'd love to have you along for the ride. 

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