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Teaching Idea: EMS/EMT

May 23, 2014 4:00:00 PM / by user

We announced the upcoming launch of our EMT module this week, so we thought it was appropriate to post a teaching idea for any EMS/EMT Instructors out there.

Let's set up the scenario that your students are picking up a patient from one facility and transferring that patient to another location (for example, from a hospital to long-term care facility).

Using our new EMS/EMT module (or any Academic EHR with EMT capabilities), have students open up the patient's chart. On that chart they can review any information about the patient including the diagnosis and vital signs - things they would need to be aware of when moving the patient.

Reviewing information together as a class is a great way to get your students thinking critically about a patient.

Some example questions are below:
- "Are there any red flags we should be aware of before moving/transporting the patient?"
- "What tools will we need to utilize when transporting this patient?" (for example, does the patient need to be on oxygen or have an active IV?)
- "Does the patient have all valuables?" (this is a good question to bring up if the patient is listed with dentures/glasses/etc.)
- "When looking at the most recent vital signs, is there anything we should be concerned with before transporting the patient?"

While we also have run sheets for students to fill out once they are ready to document, you can see how the thinking process starts well before that point. Especially considering many EMS students will end up working in transport rather than responding to 911 calls after graduation, it's important to think about what the situation will actually look like and practice the skills they will need on the job. Using an EHR system is just one way to do that.

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