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New Feature: Patient Education Resource Link

Jul 9, 2014 1:29:00 PM / by user

A while back we added a new feature for our users and it just dawned on us that we never posted the updates to our blog. So for anyone that might have been wondering, we now have a Patient Education Resource Link for students to use. How would you use our new feature?

Good question. Let us show you how!

If you're doing a lesson on how to properly document patient education, have students split into pairs. This activity can be done twice: once with one person acting as the "patient" and the second time with students in reversed scenarios. 

Assign each "patient" a medication, diagnosis or procedure. For example, one group could have "antibiotics for an ear infection" while another group has a "COPD diagnosis" and another could have "mammogram". Have the practicing student in each group go to the Patient Education section and do two things.

1. Use our Patient Education Resource link to find more information about the diagnosis, medication or procedure to properly educate the "patient" about the diagnosis, how to take the medication properly or what to be aware of before a procedure.

2. Document the education given to patient including what type of learner the patient is and if there are any barriers to learning (for example, a language barrier).

As always, with EHR Tutor, you can immediately review and/or grade the students' work to see how they did.

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