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EMS Teaching Idea: Creating a patient scenario

Aug 21, 2014 9:21:00 AM / by user

After launching our EMS/EMT module this year, we've been coming up with ideas for how instructors can use an EHR system like EHR Tutor with their students.

One idea that was shared with us during a demo involved using your EHR system as a way to set up a scenario before practicing assessment and intervention skills.

To do this, find a video of an accident on Youtube (where there are a surprising number of videos showing injuries, crashes and general accidents). Show the video in class and then create a patient chart that has all the basics of the accident completed to line up with the video. For example, the fields for incident description, location and response circumstances can be filled out already. If you want your victim to display certain characteristics (like a low pulse or general unresponsiveness) make sure to fill out those portions of the assessment section as well.

Then, have your students start a simulation where they assess the situation after viewing the video and reviewing the assessment if completed. If it's not completed, have them perform an assessment themselves on a mannequin or volunteer patient. Then, students should practice relevant interventions (IVs, using a defibrillator, lifting a patient with possible neck/back injuries, etc.).
Students can chart all relevant interventions for instructor review.  
Using this activity gives instructors a way to set up a scenario to mimic a real situation and let students make intervention decisions themselves based on the data they have. By charting those interventions, students are both practicing documentation and giving instructors a solid way to review their work. 

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