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Nursing New Year's Resolutions ... Modified

Jan 14, 2015 4:41:00 PM / by user

We know it's 15 days into the New Year and by this time, it's easy to forget those resolutions and bury them in the past. Most of the time, we've found that scrapping the resolutions is a product of unrealistic goals. Instead of trying to stick to those initial, lofty, goals, we've come up with some modifications that any Nurse, Health Professional or Nursing student will be able to stick to throughout the year.

Dieting: Losing 10 lbs is overwhelming, especially when you're working 12 hours shifts in the Emergency Room or studying for the NCLEX. We know that because we've been there. However, drinking more water is an easy change anyone can make. First of all, we as humans often confuse thirst with hunger. By simply drinking more water, you might find that your snack cravings slow down. Also, if you swap out water for high calorie, high sugar beverages (think soda, juice, etc.), you'll be eliminating huge amounts of calories from your diet without cutting a single food. Not to mention your skin will look amazing, you may feel more energized and you'll be on your way to better overall health. So invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it up every time it's empty. Just keep on drinking!
Relaxation: Did you commit to lowering your blood pressure this year? Respecting your patients more? Not bringing your work home with you or preventing yourself from snapping at your significant other? Whatever stress related resolution you made - treat the root cause instead of the symptom. I don't mean you should commit to spending an hour a day doing yoga... just try a little mini meditation. Taking just 1-10 minutes a day to breathe deeply and recognize your feelings could completely change your perspective. Check out o ur past blog on de-stressing to learn more.

Exercise/Health: I for one already failed on this front. My once a day exercise plan quickly turned to once every other day and then once a week. Again, it was just a matter of setting an unrealistic goal for my lifestyle. Instead, let's all agree to make a small change. Let's all stand a little! For example, I've decided to stand when answering emails. For those of you working in Nursing, make a point to stand (or even move your feet) while charting. As for students, it's easy to practice flashcards while pacing, walking or even standing instead of lounging on a chair. If you don't believe me that this will make a difference, check out any one of the articles out there on the benefits of standing vs. sitting.

Remember, don't beat yourself up for breaking those resolutions. Instead, modify them! Good luck :) 

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