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Utilizing outside resources within an EHR system: A few ideas

Apr 15, 2015 11:56:00 AM / by user

We recently did a webinar on using outside resources within your EHR system. If you're a customer of EHR Tutor, feel free to check out the Resource Library to watch the recording, but if you're not, we're posting some very basic ideas below:

1. Audio - has recordings of every heart and lung sound you could possibly want. Simply find the sound you'd like your students to hear and include it in the instructions for any activity within EHR Tutor (if you need help learning how to add instructions, you can always reach out to our support line!). If you do not have EHR Tutor and are using another charting system, include the link on a document or on an online description of what your students will be doing in your charting software today.

2. Drug References: A lot of potential customers ask about a drug reference booklet or lookup within EHR Tutor. We do not include a drug reference resource within our site because most schools already have students purchase or use another lookup source for drugs. There's no reason to double up! Instead, use the link for your current resource (most drug reference books will also be online for students who have already purchased the book) and share that link with your students. Soon, we'll have the ability to post that link right on the Medication Administration Records page and the Orders page of our site so students are never in need of the link. If you do not already have a drug reference guide to use with your students, we're a big fan of this free resource -

3. Images: For schools who would like to attach images (for example, if you have a DNP or FNP program where students should have access to radiography images), you can use the images found at for free. We'll soon have the ability to upload an image directly into a chart, but for now you can link to the proper image from the instructions for any given activity. If you're using another EHR system, you can print the images beforehand or link to them in a document or online description of what your students will be doing in your charting software for the day. 

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