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Summer Prep for Nurse Educators

May 21, 2015 1:06:00 PM / by user

With mere weeks left until Summer Vacation, we decided to put some tips together for those instructors who either have a lightened schedule or have the summer off. 

Reevaluate Curriculum: Especially if you've changed the format of your curriculum in the last few years, summer is the perfect season to review and debrief on what has and has not been working for your faculty. Instead of trying to schedule meetings between classes, the summer season allows you to take the time needed to decide what you'd like to keep for the upcoming fall session.
Work on Simulations: Organizing patient scenarios or entering patient data for future simulations is a perfect summer activity. Especially if you have an EHR system, now is the time to update your scenario set if you found that you needed additional scenarios during the last school year. 
Discover New Technology and Resources: We all wish we had a few extra minutes during the school year to find innovative solutions to our problems whether it's a matter of reviewing new simulation technology or finding a better drug reference guide, it's much easier to spend a few hours perusing the internet for ideas when you don't have papers to grade and classes to host. A good place to start would be with our Free Resources and Teaching Ideas
Good luck and enjoy your summer!

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