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Demographics of Disease and How it Can Effect Your Clinical Experience

Oct 13, 2015 10:35:00 AM / by user

We found this fascinating infographic from University of Florida outlining the demographics of different diseases in the US. Examining this from a Nurse Education standpoint, we think it's fascinating how different regions may provide extremely different clinical experiences for students. For example, students in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia will probably work with more Heart Disease and Stroke patients than their northern counterparts. On the other hand, a student working in California facilities is more likely to encounter HIV/AIDS patients.

This is all something to consider for Sim Lab staff -- if you're in a state with low instances of a certain disease, it might be time to fill in the gap with a simulation! If you're using EHR Tutor, we have some great heart disease and stroke scenarios for you to use.

UF Online Infographic: The Demographics of Diseases in the U.S.

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