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Teaching idea for Advanced Practice Students

Oct 14, 2015 12:27:00 PM / by user

Now that we have our Provider module for Advanced Practice and Physician's Assistant students, we'd love to get the gears moving when it comes to teaching ideas. If your school has either one of these programs, email us to set up a demo and explore how our product could work for your school.

For schools that are already using our site, here are a few basic ideas:

1. Basic collaboration. During a lab, have both Advanced Practice and RN students work together. The Advanced Practice students can enter in the patient history and Provider Notes before the simulation starts so the RN students are reviewing charting done by the students.

2. To increase collaboration, have the Advanced Practice students in the control room of your simulation lab to enter orders as requested by the RN students throughout the simulation. The benefit to this is that you can have one Sim Tech overseeing multiple simulations, while the Advanced Practice student is actually driving the scenario from the control room.

3. Office based skills. Now that we have an Outpatient chart, Advanced Practice students can practice office based skills as well as inpatient skills. Everything from immunizations to charges to office based procedures can be charted now.

Hopefully that helps, but we'd love to hear how you're using our new Outpatient and Provider modules!

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