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Pocket Nurse(R) Demo Dose(R) and EHR Tutor Integration and Webinar

Jan 13, 2016 6:45:00 AM / by user

Medication Administration in Nursing and Allied Health Simulation with EHR Tutor and Pocket Nurse® Demo Dose® Integration

EHR Tutor announced today that Pocket Nurse® Demo Dose® drugs will now integrate with the Medication Administration Records (MAR) within EHR Tutor’s electronic charting system as a way to provide a fully integrated solution for Nursing and Allied Health simulation labs. Demo Dose® practice medications can now be scanned within the EHR Tutor application using a compatible barcode scanner for simulated medication administration.

As more Nursing and Allied Health schools increase lab hours for students, lab faculty and staff are looking for ways to improve simulation experiences.

EHR Tutor patient scenarios can be customized and used with simulation manikins to allow students to review patient information and then chart interventions and assessments during lab time. Students can review orders and verify allergies for every patient before administering a medication. Using Pocket Nurse® Demo Dose® drugs, students use a barcode scanner to scan the patient and Demo Dose® barcode before recording the medication details in the electronic chart.

All current Demo Dose® drugs are pre-programmed into the EHR Tutor database so no additional barcodes need to be printed prior to lab hours. Lab staff and faculty can choose a patient scenario with the proper orders already saved or add orders for the Demo Dose® medications for any simulation.

With this new partnership, EHR Tutor and Pocket Nurse® are making simulation set-up easier and faster than ever before. Diane Yeager, Founder of EHR Tutor, states, “Simulation Lab Coordinators are overwhelmed by the amount of setup required for simulations. The integration of Demo Dose drugs with our Medication Administration Records will provide a seamless, coordinated solution to administering medications in a simulation setting.”

For anyone interested in learning more about how this new integration can work in a simulation setting, there will be a free webinar hosted on January 19th at 2pm ET describing the functionality of EHR Tutor’s MAR in relation to Demo Dose® drugs. Register for the webinar using the following link:

About Pocket Nurse
For 25 years, Pocket Nurse® has been a leading provider of medical supplies for simulation and education.

Since its founding, Pocket Nurse has developed world-class customer service and clinical expertise to provide customers the peace of mind that comes only from working with a nurse-owned-and-operated company.   

Today, Pocket Nurse offers more than 5,000 products worldwide and is the market leader in custom student health totes and simulated medications for education with Demo Dose®.

About EHR Tutor
EHR Tutor is an affordable, easy to use solution for electronic charting in the classroom, simulation lab and clinicals. EHR Tutor’s web-based systems works on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Students have access to all standard charting as well as specialty items including: Mental Health, Labor and Delivery, Newborn, Pediatric, Outpatient and EMT/EMS modules.

For more information contact Nikki Yeager at 440-305-6188 or

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