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Medication Administration - lab idea and quiz

Feb 4, 2016 6:31:00 AM / by user

We have a few instructors who all came up with an excellent lab idea independently. It's really interesting when we hear from schools because so often people will arrive at similar use-cases without interacting with each other at all. This activity was one of those times. A modified version adapted from each instructor's idea is below:

1. In your electronic charting system, make 2-6 patients visible to students. Each patient chart should have orders for different types of medications and different allergy information for each patient. If you're using EHR Tutor, simply tie several pre-built scenarios to an activity for students to see.

2. Set up your lab area with 2-6 human volunteers. Each human volunteer should either have a checklist or a questionnaire to answer regarding students' skills. For example, they should be able to record if students checked allergies, checked and scanned the patient's wristband, scanned the medication and gave the medication properly.

3. Students enter the lab area, review the patient charts and go bed-to-bed administering patient medications.

4. Once students cycle through all patients, your human volunteers act as your graders. They can either turn in a checklist/questionnaire or confirm what skills students did/didn't complete in relation to medication administration.

This activity is a great way to test students on Medication Administration skills, but it's also a good way to involve your lower level students. If you have brand new students or CNA students, have them volunteer as the patients. They'll be learning advanced skills while acting as free labor for your lab!

Remember, with EHR Tutor, our pre-built patient scenarios and barcode scanning functionality is always included. You can print barcodes for your medications from our site for free or use Wallcur or Demo Dose pre-printed labels.

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