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Thanksgiving Teaching Idea for Health Students

Nov 9, 2016 4:00:00 PM / by user

The holidays are always a strange time when it comes to teaching. Students already have turkey brain, instructors don't want to start anything new and schedules are modified. If you find yourself with a class of Nursing or Health students and need a way to fill those last few hours before Thanksgiving break, we're including an idea below. We'll also be doing a webinar on this topic on the 16th at 3:30pm Eastern if you'd like to join. You can also check out last year's post with additional suggestions. 

Thanksgiving suggestion: 
1. Open a patient chart for a patient with a relevant background. For example, we have a patient scenario for an obese woman who lives alone and has diabetes. 
2. Ask students to review the chart and come up with a list of risks that patient may encounter associated with Thanksgiving. For example, dietary concerns related to her diabetes. The risk of a heart attack, kitchen related injuries while living alone, etc. 
3. Once students come up with potential risks, ask them to discuss what type of diagnostics can be done if this patient was admitted to the hospital. Also, ask students what nursing concerns they might  have. 
With any level of Nursing, Health, Medical or Nutrition student, a variation of this activity can take place. We'd love to know how you adapted this to your classroom. Leave a comment below if you have any ideas of your own! 

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