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Aug 25, 2014 9:57:00 AM / by user

We've posted a few teaching ideas for our new EMS module but it seems appropriate to also post some free resources for our EMS/EMT and Paramedic programs from around the web.

4 Patient Assessment Scenarios - This blog post on EMS1 outlines four critical scenarios for every EMS student to understand. Like so many things, we often focus on rare, but potentially fatal, scenarios. However, so much of an EMT's time is spent with other more routine calls. This blog is great at making sure you prepare your students for those.

Dealing with Emotions - One study ranked EMS workers as having a top-10 most stressful job. Because of that, it's critical for our future emergency workers to understand how to properly recognize and handle a sense of grieving/loss/stress after a tough day on the job. Prepare your students by exposing your students to several stress management techniques and dedicating a period of time in class to practicing those techniques.

Games and Study Guides- EMS1 has a ton of games for students. It's sort of like the of the EMS world. You can also check out SmartMedic for a free quiz for students to brush up on their knowledge.

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