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Electronic charting and remediation

Aug 20, 2015 3:55:00 PM / by user

We recently did a demo with a school that is planning to use EHR Tutor for use with remediation classes and although we've never though of that -- it's a great idea!

For starters, if your students are having a hard time translating what they do during clinical visits to their chart, instructors can pull up a blank chart and practice recording charting skills after presenting the student with a scenario. While grading may not be important, we do allow you to review a students' work so you can go over any errors with the student and even redo sections of the chart together.

Also, if you find that your students are having a difficult time with certain skills, you can set up a "remediation" patient who has orders for the skills your student needs to review (for example, bathing and med passes). Have the student enter the skills lab, review the orders and practice the skills needed. Then, use our grading feature to review and debrief with the student afterwards.

Those are just a few quick ideas, but now that we've gotten the initial concept, I'm sure we'll be coming out with more concrete examples soon. If you're an EHR Tutor customer, make sure you check the Resource Library for posted lesson plans or activity ideas!

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