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Nurse Appreciation: An Interview with Diane Yeager

The 6 Obstacles All Nursing Students Face

Guest Post: Nursing Theory In The Real World: 4 Ways To Apply Orem’s Theory of Self Care to Your Daily Practice

Guest Post: The Expanding Opportunity for Advanced Practice Clinicians

CDC Holiday Carol

Holidays for Healthcare Professionals

Thanksgiving Teaching Idea for Health Students

Top 7 Long Term Benefits of Certified Nursing Assistant Programs

Scholarship for nursing students

Five Summer Reads for Nursing Instructors and Students

A better solution to Prior Authorization with medications

Summer is the perfect time to get CE credits!

EHR Tutor now integrates with Medication Cabinets!

EHR Tutor's "Scenes" makes unfolding scenarios a reality for Nursing and Health simulation!

Teaching ideas for Medication Carts and Medication Dispenser Cabinets

Join our Webinar: Medication Carts, Cabinets and EHRs How do they fit together and what do you need?

F.A. Davis partners with Noggin LLC to sell EHR Tutor with its texts

Technology in Nursing - an infographic

Nurses are Essential to Delivering Cost Effective Care (an infographic)

For those of you looking to complete your BSN

Free webinar for Graduate Nursing programs

Medication Administration - lab idea and quiz

February is American Heart Month! Check out this relevant infographic.

Pocket Nurse(R) Demo Dose(R) and EHR Tutor Integration and Webinar

Amazing, free Vital Sign Simulator

Ted Talk on Nursing Education

Nursing Education for International Students

Free Webinar: Barcode Scanning in Simulation

Tips for Choosing an Academic Electronic Health Records System (EHR/EMR)

Electronic charting to make a skills lab more realistic

Free webinar: When you don't have a simulation lab: How to use an EHR system with a basic skills lab

See you at OADN 2015

Heart Disease 101: in pictures

Infographic: Tuberculosis

Meet us at AACN 2015!

Visual Learning: DVT

Free webinar: Using an Academic EHR During and After Clinical Rotations

Teaching idea for Advanced Practice Students

Demographics of Disease and How it Can Effect Your Clinical Experience

Know Your Drugs

Electronic charting and remediation

Webinar Recording: Entering/Creating Patient Scenarios

Learn more about a great resource:

The most trusted professionals happen to be Nurses

Have extra time this summer? Enter the healthcare field!

Nurses: The Untouchables

Summer Prep for Nurse Educators

Free body sounds and quizzes for Nursing students!

Utilizing outside resources within an EHR system: A few ideas

Updates for our users

Join our free Webinar: Utilizing Outside Resources, Inside your EHR System

Meet our Team: Daniel Shporin

Lecture Ideas with an EHR: Hygiene

Virtual Patients and EHRs - Both great, but very different.

Friday Funnies: Twitter Accounts for Slow Shifts

Debriefing: A critical step in the simulation process

Join our webinar! How to get the most out of simulation hours while using an EHR - in reference to recent NCSBN report

Friday Funnies: Things only Nurses will find laughable

Nursing Shortage Stats and Job Outlook for RNs

Narrative Notes are not Dead!

Meet our Team: Michael Robellard

Friday Funnies: Giggles for Nursing Classrooms

EHR Tutor + JTED

Teaching idea: Spelling for Nursing and Allied Health Students

Nursing New Year's Resolutions ... Modified

Movement in the Classroom - Yes, Please!

Friday Funnies: New Year's Edition

Why Use Polling or Clickers?

Quick Nursing activities before holiday vacation/breaks

Using TV as a way to discuss nursing issues in class

Thanksgiving activity for Nursing students - What's wrong with your patient?

Can Simulation hours replace Clinical hours? The NCSBN National Simulation Study gives us an answer

CNA Care Plan for Daily Care

Our new favorite vendor: CreativeEd

FINALLY! A truly easy way to remember the Cranial Nerves!

How to use an Academic EHR during clinical rotations - Actionable solutions

Academic EHRs and Clinical Rotations - Why they fit together so well

Ulcers simply explained through video

Join our next webinar: Introducing Students to a New EHR System

Sharing the blog love

How to use an EHR no matter what type of simulation experience your students have

Smokers' Lungs vs. Regular Lungs: Most disturbing and simultaneously fascinating vine you'll see all day

Great EMS Resources

Meaningful Use: A patient's role

EMS Teaching Idea: Creating a patient scenario

Remembering Student Names

Join our next webinar: Using an Academic EHR in the Classroom - Not just in the Sim Lab!

Using Academic Electronic Health Records to Meet National Health Care Foundation Standards and Accountability Criteria

New Grants for Tech

New Feature: Patient Education Resource Link

Why less is more in an Academic EHR/EMR: Part 1

Academic EHRs - not just for hospital simulations! How to teach clinic and office based skills as well.

Friday Funnies: Just plain ol' jokes

Calling All HOSA Instructors!

Nursing & Math Teaching Idea: pounds to kilograms

Friday Funnies: Reasons to be thankful for Friday ... or whatever day of the week you have off.

EHRs and Math Skills - kill two birds with one stone!

Health Professionals, De-stress!

Summer Discounts for Teachers

Instructors, Make the Most of Your Summer

Prevent dry hands... finally!

Friday Funnies, Image Version

Nurse Retention - Why is it such a problem?

Graduation Quotes for Nurses

Teaching Idea: EMS/EMT

New Feature Launch: Polling and EMT/EMS Module

Webinar recording: Adding Complexity to Patient Scenarios

Free Webinar: Adding Complexity to Patient and Simulation Scenarios While Using an EHR

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy - One of our favorite speakers and favorite books

Medical Errors... preventable deaths?

Teaching Idea: Shared charting scenario

Continuing Education Hours for Nursing License Renewal

Latin Lessons and Medical Terminology?

Free Patient Scenarios for Instructors

Free webinar: Using chart sharing to increase teamwork and collaboration

Teaching Idea: What is your responsibility, CNA?

See you in PA!

Vaccine Injection Teaching Idea: Did you read the chart?

Friday Funnies

Introducing kids to Allied Health and Nursing professions while they're still young

Poll Everywhere for the Classroom

CNA Bedpan Skills

Teaching Idea: Prioritizing Patients

Head To Toe Assessment - Video for Students and Instructors

Teaching Idea: Electronic Charting + Nutrition

All this talk of medications... Why?

Join our free webinar: Teaching Medications and Med Administration

Practice Diabetic Patient Scenario

Patient Scenarios for the Classroom

Concept Maps and how to use them

Nursing Videos and Online Lectures

Jumping Right Back Into School: Concept Maps (for educators)

Recording Vitals in an EHR/EMR System: Stage 2

OpenOffice for Educators

Learning about Health Informatics

Google Apps for Education

Techie Teacher of the Year Award 2013: Colleen Royle, MSN RN from MSU

Jumping Right Back Into School: Learning Medications (for students)

Higher level of use = Higher level of user satisfaction with EHRs

Free 15 Minute Webinar on Teaching Critical Thinking with your Academic EHR System

Get a half a year of EHR Tutor for free. Thank you, Cyber Monday!

Google Calendar: Another way to use Google Apps in the classroom

After the NCLEX: Free courses to keep on learning

Mention in Minority Nurse Magazine!

Real Time EHR Survey Results - love these graphs!

The Netherlands Leads in EHR Adoption Rates

FlipSnack Launches an Educational Flip-book Site

Diane Yeager's EHR Podcast on RN.FM Radio

Free Computer Classes - We Love Coursera!

Academic EHRs vs. Regular EHRs: Part Three

Academic EHRs vs. Regular EHRs: Part Two

Academic EHR/EMRs vs. Actual EHR/EMRs: Part One

Using Google Apps in your Classroom

Connecting Rural Schools to Technology... Let's talk grants.

Before EHR Tutor...

Stats on EHRs/EMRs

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